“Women helping each other- coaching, mentoring and providing tips- is a great way for us to be our own force– Indra Nooyi, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo


About Apply
What is the BRM Fellowship?


The fellowship aims to build leadership, employability and entrepreneurship skills among girls (20 to 25 years) through a multi layered ‘service learning’ model

This fellowship will include:

  •  A learning track for fellows to build their personal skills, professional skills and domain-knowledge.
  •  Each fellow training 600 school girls for a 6 month community service based leadership program.
  •  A deep dive into their own gender stereotypes and blocks to their self-empowerment

Objectives of The BRM Fellowship:

  •  Take young women through a practical learning experience that will build their confidence and empathy along with making them socially aware and responsible
  •  Equip women with the required leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will help them in their career
  •  Empower fellows by exploring the impact of gender bias and therefore breaking their own stereotypes.
  •  Enable women to develop a vision for themselves and work towards taking their own decisions and becoming independent.

Why this fellowship 


In 2015 Ayushi Banerji, Program Lead of Avanti Young Women Leadership Program was selected to represent India at the G(irls)20 Summit 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

As part of her application she was required to suggest an initiative that she would execute after the Summit. Her idea of such a fellowship – focusing on leadership, employability and entrepreneurial development of women through service learning, played a key role in her selection.

Thus at the Summit, she was able to discuss this initiative with voices from many other countries and also the G(irls)20 team. The idea firmed up during the Summit and she came back equipped with skills to take this initiative forward. Along with that she also brought back a deeper understanding of Gender Equity from a global perspective and the importance of economically empowering women.

The G(irls)20 Platform encouraged the idea of The BRM Fellowship and is invested in Ayushi through mentoring, training and access to the right networks to make this initiative a success

“There is a need for girls to step up for each other, demand and create spaces for girls and women to discover their true potential, design their dreams and make them a reality. All of this is possible when girls have the right opportunities, skills and support system: That is what I want this fellowship to be”  

– Ayushi Banerji, The Blue Ribbon Movement

Timeline for selection


tick10th April to 15th May : Online Applications

tick5th May to 15th May : one on one conversations

tick16th May : Announcement of shortlisted applicants

tick17th May to 19th May : 1 day assessment centre for final applicants

tick20th May : Announcement of final cohort of fellows


Accepting applications till 27th May 
Fellowship begins in the first week of June 
Applications received
Our Fellows Journey 2015-16


“This fellowship helped me increase my self confidence, as a result, it helped me voice my opinion in front of my family, friends. It also made me a good listener and understand others, most importantly my parents. After initial resistance, they understood me and supported me in what I was doing. The fellowship pushed me beyond my comfort zone” - Radhika K


Radhika Kandalgaonkar: Fellow 2015-2016

How was your experience with Avanti Young Women Leadership Program? It was great learning experience where almost 2000 girls taught me different things. They taught me the value of determination …